The Dynamics Lab have released an interactive wiki containing details on over 120 publicly available social network datasets. This wiki is a result of an ongoing research project to describe, classify and categorise the different features of social network datasets.

The wiki contains an overview visualisation of the datasets already identified, and allows users to search for datasets that have specific features (for example multimodal, multiplex, bipartitie, or directed networks). There is also the functionality for users to easily add new datasets to the wiki, correct/modify existing entries, and download the details of all the existing datasets. The idea is to maintain an up-to-date and detailed repository of publicly available datasets that is easily accessible to the wider research community.

If you would like to discuss the project with a member of the Dynamics Lab at UCD, please contact

Feedback is sought from the INSNA community (and others) about the way in which we've captured, categorised, and presented the social network datasets. To view an example of how the details of a dataset are captured please see this link.

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