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Rich land Poor land – the deprivation index

Trutz Hasse speaks at the Geary Institute, 12th Feb 2013 (181MB) 49:31

Separating News from Noise on Twitter

Derek Greene speaks at the Geary Institute, 8th Feb 2013 (223MB) 1:00:51

Modelling Diversity and Decision Making

Peter Stone speaks at the Geary Institute, 5th Feb 2013 (143MB) 39:01

Quality and Safety in European Hospitals – QUASER 

Janet Anderson speaks at the Geary Institute, 22nd Jan 2013 (96.5MB) 47:30

Status and the formation of exchange relations on the transfer market for professional footbal players

Thijs Velema speaks at the Geary Institute, 7 Dec 2012 (110MB) 53:07

Using Social Network Analysis to profile people based on their e-communication and travel balance

Gianluca Miscione speaks at the Geary Institute, 16 Nov 2012 (70.8MB) 35:13

Using Social Network Analysis as part of an Edumetric Process and Interagency Collaboration, by Cheryl Cott, Dynamics Lab Seminar

Cheryl Cott speaks at the Geary Institute, 26 Oct 2012 (151MB) 1:07:35

Using the England football team to identify the education production function; student effort, educational attainment and the World Cup

Simon Burgess speaks at the Geary Institute, November 15th 2011 (141MB) 1:01:47

The Effect of Education on Marital Status and Partner Characteristics: Evidence from the UK

Yu Zhu speaks at the Geary Institute, June 21st 2011 (156MB) 56:30

Non-native speakers of English in the classroom: What are the effects on pupil performance?

Sandra McNally speaks at the Geary Institute, November 8th 2011 (104MB) 36:06

Civic Returns to Education: its Effect on Homophobia

Kevin Denny speaks at the Geary Institute, May 17th 2011 (150MB) 1:01:52

Piloting the Nation. What do we learn from pilot programs?

Vincent O'Sullivan speaks at the Geary Institute, April 26th 2011 (113MB) 50:49

Cognitive and non-cognitive mediators in the intergenerational mobility process 

Janne Jonsson speaks at the Geary Institute, March 22th 2011 (164MB) 1:00:10

Sectoral composition and growth dynamics 

Jaime Alonso-Carrera speaks at the Geary Institute, March 15th 2011 (144MB) 48:20

What's the Point of Class? Random Coefficients versus Latent Class Models

Frank Windmeijer speaks at the Geary Institute, March 1th 2011 (148MB) 55:56

Back to Class and Status: or Why a Sociological View of Social Inequality Should be Reasserted

John Goldthorpe speaks at the Geary Institute, February 22th 2011 (150MB) 1:02:23

Understanding the Socio-Economic Distribution and Consequences of Patterns of Multiple Deprivation: An Application of Self-Organising Maps 

Christopher Whelan speaks at the Geary Institute, February 1th 2011 (118MB) 59:10

Terrorism, Tourism and FDI: Estimating a lower bound on the Peace Dividend in Northern Ireland 

Cal Muckley speaks at the Geary Institute, January 25th 2011 (115MB) 57:06

The Distributional Impact of Emigration: The Case of EU Enlargement

Benjamin Elsner speaks at the Geary Institute, January 18th 2011 (124MB) 1:02:07

The Impact of Training on Productivity and Wages: Firm Level Evidence?

Jozef Konings speaks at the Geary Institute, November 24th 2010 (167MB) 53:28

A Structural Model of Life-Cycle Fertility, Labour and Consumption

Michael Moore speaks at the Geary Institute, November 11th 2010 (135MB) 57:26

Universal and targeted child services: An international perspective

Amelie Petitclerc, Orla Doyle, Sylvana Côté, Thomas Saïas speaks at the Geary Institute, November 2th 2010 (232MB) 2:01:22

Introduction to Geo-Spatial Analysis and Spatial Statistics

Harut Shahumyan speaks at the Geary Institute, October 26th 2010 (143MB) 28:24

Causal Effect of Education on Earnings Revisited

Matt Dickson speaks at the Geary Institute, October 12th 2010 (265MB) 57:00

Does the juvenile justice system work? A propensity-score matching study of its impact on adult criminality

Amelie Petitclerc speaks at the Geary Institute, October 5th 2010 (149MB) 56:33

Geary Dynamics Lab ESF QMSS2 Seminar 2010 'Power, Decision Making and Social Networks'

Inside Education on 103.2 Dublin City FM

Programme 54, Economics of Education, & News (18-7-10), Guest Professor Colm Harmon

Modified Ramsey Rules for Discounting Climate Change

Professor Richard Tol (ESRI) speaks at the Geary Institute, May 25th 2010 (406MB) 1:02:07

Food Safety in the Global Context

Professor Patrick Wall (University College Dublin) speaks at the Geary Institute, April 20th 2010 (812MB) 29:13

Materialism, Money & Myopia

Professor Stephen Lea (Exeter) speaks at the Geary Institute, April 6th 2010 (383MB) 57:56

On the Stability of Risk and Time Preference

Uwe Sunde (St Gallen) speaks at the Geary Institute, March 16th 2010 (151MB) 22:55

Trends in Earnings Volatility

Peter Gottschalk (Boston University) speaks at the Geary Institute, March 2nd 2010(235MB) 54:55

Perception and retrospection: The dynamic consistency of responses to survey questions on wellbeing

Professor Steve Pudney (University of Essex) speaks at the Geary Institute, March 23rd 2010 (435MB) 1:06:14

Causal Effect of Parent's Education on Children's Education

John Ermisch (University of Essex) speaks at the Geary Institute, February 9th 2010(377MB) 57:22

Structural Econometrics with Discrete Data

Andrew Chesher (University College London) speaks at the Geary Institute, November 10th 2009 (455MB) 1:09:25

Higher Education Quality and Graduate Earnings in the UK

Arnaud Chevalier (Royal Holloway/Geary) speaks at the Geary Institute, November 3rd 2009 (365MB) 55:33

Natural Hazards and Human Health

Michael Daly (Trinity College Dublin) speaks at the UCD Geary Institute, 27th October 2009 (327MB) 50:07

DEW Conference Nov 2nd 2009

Education and Skills Mismatch

Seamus McGuinness (ESRI) speaks at the Geary Institute, October 13th 2009 (205MB) 0:54

Centrality Measures in Social Networks

Professor Pádraig Cunningham (UCD) speaks at the CSCS Roundtable, October 7th 2009(448MB) 1:14

The Effects of Childhood Physical and Mental Health on Adult Socioeconomic Status

Professor James P Smith, Ulysses Medal Lecture, University College Dublin, October 15th 2009 (323MB) 1:18:59

Testing the 'Brain Gain' Hypothesis: Micro Evidence from Cape Verde

Catia Batista (Trinity College Dublin) presents a seminar at the UCD Geary Institute on "Testing the 'Brain Gain' Hypothesis: Micro Evidence from Cape Verde" – April 14th 2009(232MB) 0:33

Private School Quality: A Cross-Country Comparison

Veruska Oppedisano (UCD) presents a paper entitled "Private School Quality: A Cross-Country Comparison", April 7th 2009 (292MB) 0:41

Poor Health and Non Employment

Michal Myck (DIW Berlin) discusses the relationship between health and retirement decisions (295MB) 0:44

Impact of family events and choices on Young Children's Conduct Problem Trajectories: Cues for Public Policy Intervention

Amelie Petitclerc (UCD Geary Institute) discusses the link between services for children and behavioural outcomes for the children using a unique dataset from Canada (447MB) 1:06

Gerard O'Neill Seminar

Gerard O'Neill gives a Public Policy Seminar, 2nd March in University College Dublin Ireland (138MB) 0:19

SHARE Launch 2008 21st October

SHARE Launch 2008 21st October in University College Dublin Ireland (48MB) 0:52

Prof James Heckman Ulysses Lecture

Prof James Heckman gives lecture in University College Dublin Ireland (324.3MB) 1:03

Janet Anderson