Adjunct Research Fellows at UCD Dynamics Lab :

Georgiy Bobashev 

Stephen Kinsella



Individual Collaborations:

Bruce Edmonds, Centre For Policy Modelling, Manchester Metropolitan University

Sheheryar Banuri, Development Economics Research Group, World Bank

Issam Malki, Department of Economics, Sheffield Hallam University

Jacob Dijkstra, ICS, University of Groningen

Petra Ahrweiler, IRU, University College Dublin

Mathew Agripinus Senga  (


Project Collaborations:

We contribute with computing power to the FightMalaria @ Home project , helping to compute which compounds should research on drug development and optimisation focus to kill the parasite more efficiently. There are about 100 million calculations to be done and the progress of our batches can be accessed at: If you also would like to join, please see the instructions here: