Bandeh Ali Talpur
               PhD Research Fellow

University Address

Dynamics Lab

Geary Institute

University College Dublin
Dublin 4


1, Project Title  Technology Transfer and Innovation in Ireland
2. Project Description
Innovation is the key to ensuring Ireland business can respond to the industrial challenge of emerging giants such as China and India by becoming more highly differentiated as well as simply more productive. The Irish government invest heavily in University research and education as one way of encouraging innovation. Yet there is little understanding among policy makers of how fundamental research and education converts into innovation; of whether the Ireland’s investment pattern is correctly assigned across the range of activities; or even what that full range of activities consists of . The object of the research is to analyse innovation process in the context of value and innovation networks from early research to commercialisation especially in health and IT sector. Research will carry out a series of longitudinal case studies on research based spin out processes, with an emphasis on understanding how innovation networks are constructed in health and technological spin outs. In addition to developing a generic model of factors associated with research-push innovation, the study also seeks to set out policy implications. The research undertaken by the case student will build a fully researched ‘top level’ picture to enable government investors to understand the structures they are trying to nurture at a macro level.

3. Supervisors

Dr Diane Payne