Welcome to the Dynamics Lab! The Dynamics Lab is a research group established by Dr Diane Payne at University College Dublin.

The Dynamics Lab is based at the UCD Geary Institute, and also has research facilities at the UCD CASL, The Dynamics Lab fosters an interdisciplinary approach to research and postgraduate training and hosts a growing number of funded research projects in computational social science with research applications in dynamic social network analysis, agent-based social simulation, group social processes, decision modeling and dynamic games.

The Geary Institute  is one of the leading social science research institutes in Ireland and is home to a number of research projects in areas of human development, behavioral and applied micro economics, computational social science, political science, public health and social statistics.The Geary Institute in collaboration with the Dynamics Lab hosts a very successful Thematic Doctoral Training programme in Complex Systems and Computational Social Science (CSCS PhD) which forms part of the PRTLI 5 funded umbrella thematic PhD in Simulation Sciences.